mardi 6 septembre 2011

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vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Paul Bocuse Perd le Nord

Bocuse Lyon
« A T-il Perdu le Nord »
Has He lost his sense of direction
Deception at le Nord !
By Alex Miles
22 November 2010
With all due respect to the iconic chef, I was terribly disappointed with my meal at Bocuse’s, “Le Nord”. The cardinal points of Lyon are occupied by four Brasserie/Bistro restaurants that don’t pretend to serve the fantastic classic fare served at his 3 star table by the Saône…but what we were served in this emblematic city known for its fine cuisine could barely be considered the French food I know and love. I’ve had better food in a US diner!
We started with a small bowl of salad which had non-descript leaves, uncomfortably large chunks of tomato, a mini half piece of a soft white tasteless goat cheese and a vinaigrette that was passable but certainly not memorable.
Our main dish was just food. The small roasted breast of chicken which lounged in its drippings sat on small unpeeled potato halves was surprising in its lack luster presentation and barely warm temperature.
Dessert was a frozen mass of something which pretended to be a soufflé glace but was so hard that when I tried to crack into this brick, the piece I finally chipped off nearly went flying across the table. Something red was carelessly dripped on the plate and a shortbread cookie covered the abominable creation.
None of the dishes which were brought to our table were described in any way by the busy, pressured waiters. I felt that no one in the kitchen or dining room cared about what they were making or serving.
Dear M. Paul, your name on the door is not enough to make the food in this restaurant taste good. It’s true that the prices at Le Nord are more affordable than the paragon of French gastronomy which bears your name. It’s clear that you and your staff have the talent and the means to do better. It’s not because the price is less at your restaurants at the four corners of Lyon that customers should feel cornered by inferior cuisine. Please tell your staff to make the effort and show the public that you care.